“The Sadness of the Moon” and “Black Surf” | Black and White Abstract Expressionism

The Sadness of the Moon and Black SurfThe Sadness of the Moon© – Black & White Painting – Shane Garton – (Painting on the LEFT)- Sold
Acrylic, Ink and Liquid Wax – Acrylic on paper 73cm x 106cm

Black Surf© – Black & White Painting – Shane Garton – (Painting on the RIGHT)- Sold
Acrylic, Ink and Liquid Wax – Acrylic on paper 73cm x 106cm

Both black and white paintings above inspired by the poetry of Charles Baudelaire

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity. – Carl Jung

Hidden behind merciful shadows, beyond the cruel daylight, living to hunt and kill, we are the… damned children of the night. Dragging our immune existence through thousands of centuries and from dusk to dawn we suffer from our immortality.

Hosts contaminate our tombs and crosses burn our skin, you can kill us a thousand times, but we’re the ones, who will always remain … – In Pain … In Pain:
“I’m the resurrection-man, who steals his own corpse and abducts himself to the beloved catacombs and vaults”.

Death and decay, cadaverous smell, for us there’s neither heaven, nor is there a hell, and only the stigmata could be able to betray the sombre existence of the former days.

After the dead Lover’s kiss you fall into a dream, but with your second birth you’re a prince in our mournful realm. By day, when a million suns are killing with their shine, the cold, dark crypts are saving me … and mine.

The Sadness of the Moon/Sorrow of the Moon – Poem by Charles Baudelaire

More drowsy dreams the moon tonight. She rests

Like a proud beauty on heaped cushions pressing,

With light and absent-minded touch caressing,

Before she sleeps, the contour of her breasts.
On satin-shimmering, downy avalanches

She dies from swoon to swoon in languid change,

And lets her eyes on snowy visions range

That in the azure rise like flowering branches.
When sometimes to this earth her languor calm

Lets streak a stealthy tear, a pious poet,

The enemy of sleep, in his cupped palm,
Takes this pale tear, of liquid opal spun

With rainbow lights, deep in his heart to stow it

Far from the staring eyeballs of the Sun.

— Translated by Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)

Charles Baudelaire – Fleurs du mal / Flowers of Evil / The Sadness of the Moon (Tristesse de la Lune)

The End of The Day/Black Surf – Poem by Charles Baudelaire

In the waning deathpale daylight,
Convulsive Life runs, dances without reason,
Blatant and brawling, shrill with spite.
As soon as over the horizon

Night, voluptuous and vast,
Arises, making hunger tame,
Hiding all things, even shame,
The Poet to himself: “At last!

My spirit and my jaded spine
Plead hungrily for rest. I’ll go,
With dreams darkening my mind,

And lie full length upon my back,
O cooling curtains of deep shadow,
And roll and wrap me in your black.”

Charles Baudelaire – Fleurs du mal / Flowers of Evil / The End of The Day

French poet Charles Baudelaire

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